Top Web Hosting Companies Providing Varnish Cache for WordPress

Caching is an essential aspect of the computing world. It involves storing files for an easy reference.  Storing them in virtual memory or on the hard drive would be helpful in accessing it faster. Caching is quite useful in faster browsing of your websites. When you navigate a site, the images, pages, and other static objects are saved in the cache. This will help the web pages to load faster. Varnish Cache is the best option that you can use in making it an excellent choice for static caching. How does it do it? And which website hosting services support it? Let us check it out in the following article.

Top Web Hosting Companies Providing Varnish Cache for WordPress

Varnish Cache is a unique cache system. While the regular cache can work with your connection or browser for that matter – Varnish Cache functions as an intermediary between the user requests and the server. However, this is only for static content.

Top Web Hosting Companies Providing Varnish Cache for WordPress

Once the webpage is visited for the first time, the server performs all the tasks that are expected of it. Meanwhile, Varnish Cache records the data returned to the user. When a subsequent request is made to the same page – not necessarily by you, but another user – Varnish Cache will return the results if the page has not changed. It is precisely what would make the page load faster.

The Varnish Cache technique will be the best option if your site tends to get massive traffic. In fact, getting the data from cache would be faster than loading everything, every time there is a new request. This reduces the load on the server. The Plugin does come with its advantages and benefits. We will analyze the benefits later on in the article.

There are a few website Hosting companies that have been using Varnish Cache. Some of the honorable mentions can be summarised as here below.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator has been a favorite cloud hosting service since long. The plans are affordable and let you host up to 20 sites on a project.

It integrates a host of caching techniques including CloudFare CDN and Varnish Cache. A few features worthy of noticing include

  • It comes with a host of useful services advanced load balancing based on the network, control over traffic requests and professional level hardware.
  • The hosting plans come with tools to handle malware and automatic backups.
  • It lets you host over 20 sites on a single plan.
  • The best optimization techniques make it the least expensive and fastest web hosting service.

Right from regular bloggers to system administrators, this should be the best option you can go with. Check it out at

A2 Hosting

A2Hosting has gained prominence over its competitors with its emphasis on scaled server allocation. The hosting service does support Varnish Cache and has been one of the most widely used platforms for shared hosting.

What would make it a formidable choice would be the features like

  • It uses premium hardware for all accounts. SSDs used have shown a great deal of performance.
  • The service runs on the efficient LAMP infrastructure that comes preinstalled with the plans.
  • The TurboServer technology essentially provides the base for advanced page caching.
  • You can also opt for VPS hosting plans on offer.

For more details, you may visit the official site at


HostingRaja is the best service when it comes to the best in class web hosting and domain name registration. Affordable pricing is what would make it the best option you can check out with.

Some of the features worthy of mentioning here would be

  • They have been treated to be the third best-hosting services.
  • It is the first Indian hosting service to reach the top spot.
  • The hosting service has been optimized for Varnish Cache and should work correctly in reducing the server load.
  • HostingRaja has been treated to be the best choice for the portals with high traffic.

Sounds interesting? Check them out at

What Are The Benefits of Using Varnish Cache?

Well, Varnish Cache is the best web application accelerator you can rely upon. It is also referred to as HTTPS Reverse Proxy. Using the Varnish Cache plugin on your website has its advantages.

Let us check out a few of them –

  • High-End Performance –Varnish Cache ensures you a better performance that can be extended up to 300 to 1000 times (theoretically). It will depend on your network connection though.
  • Flexibility – You tend to be benefitted with the flexibility concerning the configuration language.
  • Reliability – The system is quite reliable enough. In fact, web portals with heavy traffic tend to use Varnish Cache, thanks to its functionality.
  • Affordability – Varnish cache plans can be quite affordable. Website owners globally opt for it owing to the affordable programs that they offer.

In Conclusion

Varnish Cache systems tend to be excellent regarding functionality and affordability as we have found through the discussion here. In fact, it forms part of a superb ecosystem to ease the load on the servers and provide a faster functioning website. Like most other cache plugins, Varnish cache system can be customized to offer the functionality that you want out of it. If you are checking out the best option for a faster website and better speed optimization techniques, your search should come to an end with Varnish cache.

Speed plays a vital role in the blogging arena. If you are a blogger yourself, you should be aware that the users will drift away from your site with just a slight delay in getting the page loaded. There has been a die-hard competition in the world of blogging, and even a minor variation in your loading times can be quite detrimental in the plans you have for your site.

Go for Varnish Cache plugin for your website and enjoy the benefits that it offers. Opt for a hosting service that provides complete integration of varnish Cache plugin. We are sure you will never regret your choice.