Top Free and paid Plagiarism Detection Tools for Online Professionals

Top Free and paid Plagiarism Detection Tools for Online Professionals

Duplicate content has been the most dreaded issue in the online world. The online professionals and other experts take a whole lot of efforts to create the content for their sites. When someone copies the content and publishes it in their name, it is the worst that can happen to anyone of us. If you want to keep your effort s ethical, you should stay away from plagiarism at any cost. How would you be able to do it? We will list out the best Top Free and paid plagiarism detection tools for online professionals.

Top Free and paid Plagiarism Detection Tools for Online Professionals

Plagiarism is part of one of the infamous activity we usually happen to witness in the blogging world. It involves copying someone else’s ideas or straightaway lifting them and passing it off as their own. It can affect any area and include articles, songs, videos or any other aspects.

Plagiarism has been one of the worst headaches for any blogger. Bloggers and content providers take a whole lot of efforts to create content that is unique to their personality or that of their site. You should make sure that the content that you are creating for your website is exclusive and plagiarism free. The best way to achieve this objective is through the use of Plagiarism Detection Tools.

You have a great deal of them, and we will check out a few of them here.


That is indeed the best choice and worthy to be at the number one position. World’s most famous plagiarism checker is what has become synonymous with the concept itself.

The tool offers you both free and paid options to choose from. The free version will expect you to publish the content first and then check it for plagiarism through the web portal. Some of the features that would make it one of the excellent choices are

  • It has collaborations with more significant players in the market so that they would be able to scrape through every kind of duplicate content that could be possible.
  • The prime plagiarism checker offers you the cheapest ever pricing structure. It has been considered to be the most economical option for the duplicate content checkers.
  • The sophisticated and dedicated algorithms make it a force to reckon with.

You may get an experience of the tool at


The app is meant for grammar. What is this one doing on this list? Well, frankly – it is a tool that has a lot of features packed into one and plagiarism checking just one of them.

Yes, Grammarly is the most popular grammar correction tool, but the premium version also offers you the plagiarism checking options as well. Here are a few features that make it a complete all in one tool.

  • It can check your web page against over 8 billion web pages.
  • Also, it acts as a perfect grammar checker and can detect and correct over 400 types of grammar errors.
  • The service has standalone apps for Microsoft Word and Outlook. Thus you would be able to detect issues even when you are writing your posts in Word.

For more details, visit the official page at

Dupli Checker

This can be another option if you are looking for free plagiarism checker. The software also comes with additional options for SEO tools.

One of the concern is you will need to upload the file to be able to get a proper plagiarism report. The service does work quite faster. The service does work efficiently and efficiently.

Some of the features worth mentioning would be

  • It checks every sentence and word of the document and provides you a full-fledged report.
  • You can create a free account, and this should remove all limitations that may not be possible with a version without an account.
  • The service provides you accurate information and perfect reports.

You may give it a try at


Most of us may not have heard about Quetext. It has been one of the excellent tools for plagiarism checks you can use though.

It has been treated to be one of the best choices if you are looking for a simple, yet powerful plagiarism detection tool. What makes it a great option? It can be attributed to the following features that it offers you.

  • You would need no registration to work with Quetext.
  • Just paste the content into the box provided, and you are good to go.
  • Along with the plagiarised content if any, the tool can also check the content for grammar errors.
  • It does not impose any word limit as you may see in most other free plagiarism detection tools.

Want to know more? Check out


Premium plagiarism checker worth its value, Plagium offers you both free and premium versions to choose from. However, you will have limited functionality in the free version.

The choice of both free and paid versions is what should be one of the excellent options with Plagium. Some of the outstanding advantages that it offers would be

  • The free version is limited to two searches per day with a limit of 5000 words.
  • The premium version offers you active searches and other additional features.
  • Plagium provides you a Quick Search and Deep Search.
  • The tool can search each of the word, sentence, and phrases – thus offering you an excellent performance

If you are interested, you may gather more information on

In Conclusion

Plagiarism is what would make you suffer for no fault of yours. Checking for the content that may already be published would be the best precaution that you can take against plagiarism in your projects. In fact, this can even go a long way in letting you stay safe from the penalties that may be imposed on you and your content for something wrong that you have not done. Plagiarism checkers can be a great tool if you have been obtaining the services of freelancer content writers for your website.

Have you used any of these plagiarism detection tools for your requirements? If yes, we would like to know of your experiences, opinions, and views about each of them.