Best SSD Hosting for WordPress in 2018: For Fast Performance

If you are interested in blogging, the first thing you will need to check out is hosting. Which kind of hosting would be right for you? Now that most of the bloggers prefer WordPress as the prime choice as their blogging platform, it would be practical to find the hosting services best suited for WordPress. Having said that, we would carefully consider SSD Hosting to be one of the lucrative options for your hosting needs. That would now bring us to find the best SSD Hosting WordPress. Let us check out the best SSD Hosting services for WordPress in today’s post.

What Is SSD Hosting?

Well, one should agree that SSD is the vast advancement in the data storage technology. SSD Hosting refers to the plans that use SSDs or Solid State Drives to store your data.

SSD Hosting provides you a faster reliable option for your site than the services using the traditional methods of hard drives. The fact that SSDs don’t have any moving parts and the data is retrieved or written electronically; there is practically no chance of mechanical failure affecting you.

Some of the benefits of using SSD would be –

  • Faster Access – Lack of the need for electromechanical functioning, SSDs are faster and are less prone to failure. This enhances your site performance.
  • Longer Lifetime- SSD Drives last longer than the HDDs. It is only because they do not need mechanical contact and thus there is considerably less wear and tear.
  • Less Power Hungry –The SSDs consume less power as compared to their HDD counterparts. They are less prone to physical contact and do not have moving parts. That would make them energy efficient.

To simply put – SSDs provide you the fastest loading times. If you are looking for a hosting plan that makes your website load faster, SSD Hosting is what should be your prime choice. The deciding factor on whether you want to go for SSD would be dependent upon the traffic you are getting. High traffic will need better loading times, and SSDs are what can assure you that.

Now that we have understood the benefits of using an SSD Hosting for WordPress let us check out a few best SSD Hosting services for WordPress in 2018.

Best SSD Hosting for WordPress in 2018

The SSD Hosting is known to provide speeds around 300% faster than the traditional options you have. This will indeed affect your site performance – especially when you have a spike in traffic. The services we are enlisting here should go a long way in making it possible to get better speeds.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web SSD hosting has been considered to be faster than a few of its rivals. Some of the competitors worthy of being named can be Digital Ocean and Amazon.

A few features that would make it a great option can be

  • Premium quality SSD-hosting with secure disk space.
  • A wholly managed web hosting.
  • Faster than most of the competitors.
  • Excellent customer support, especially on phone and live chat
  • Best in the class server configuration.

If you are interested, check them out at


If you are willing to go for shared SSD hosting and VPS services, then InterServer should be your better option. They offer you the latest technologies in SSD and assure you of the best speed.

Some salient features are –

  • It assures you a 99.9 percent uptime.
  • The service takes care of protecting every server from getting overloaded.
  • Operating for over 18 years, they have privately owned servers.
  • You have the option of scalable hosting which means you can add disk space depending on your needs.
  • Price protection that ensures you will continue paying same renewal fees throughout the lifetime.

One concern would be the customer support which does come with its disadvantages.

Want to take a look? Check out


This is yet another service worthy enough for the shared SSD Hosting. It offers you faster servers and SSL encrypted connections.

The features that would make it a good option can be –

  • It offers you a lot for free – free website builder, free domain and hundreds of templates for free.
  • They have an excellent caching mechanism that would speed up your site performance.
  • The customer support is quite commendable enough.
  • You have access to your limited bandwidth and disk space.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch at


Do they need an introduction? We guess not! They have been the favorite providers with a host of features packed in.

Here are a few features that would make them worth consideration –

  • Full powered SSD with a maximum capacity of up to 240 GB.
  • It offers you additional features like SSH, unlimited MySQL databases, and
  • Their services and plans are quite cheaper and reliable.
  • Affordability and an excellent customer support channel would make it an exceptional choice.

You can get a feel at

InMotion Hosting

If your budget is your concern and you are checking out the services with affordability attached, this is what you can opt for. Though cheap, they are not substandard, and that is what would make them a great option.

Some of the features that you would love with them would be –

  • Most affordable services are keeping reliability as prime importance.
  • Fully managed VPS that ensures faster performance.
  • It incorporates the fastest SSD technology to power its servers.
  • You get a free cPanel license for managing your sites.

InMotion Hosting combines both reliability and affordability in a single package, thus making it an excellent option for those just coming into blogging arena.

Have a look at

Before We Leave…

Well, that should be the list of best SSD Hosting for WordPress that you can opt for. We have taken care to include the SSD servers that would suit every genre of the user. Right from affordable options to the most tech savvy ones – the services featured should go a long way in making your blogging journey a real success.

The SSD Hosting can go a long way in making your website hosting faster without the need to waste money or time. Check them out and share your views with us.


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