How to Find Website Owner Email: Or Domain Ownership History Details

    Find Website Owner Email

    You may have liked the content on a website. Or better still, you are a content provider with a host of websites. You have created a masterpiece and have carefully chosen a site to post it on. But, no matter how much you try, you are not able to find the exact email ID so that you can get in touch with the owner of the site. Maybe you have many more reasons other than what we indicated here. Whatever maybe your reason, here are a few ways you can use to find the email ID of the website owner.

    How to Find Website Owner Email?

    Well, there are several ways you can employ to find the website owner Email ID. Some of them could be quite easy to understand while a few others may need a little extra effort. We will be listing out all the options here so that you would be able to find the email address of the website owner easily.

    The Author Page

    You may check the author biography for a better understanding.  The technique may not be entirely accessible. However, it holds enough water.

    In fact, WordPress or other content delivery systems (CMS) would make the email addresses of the authors visible. Authors usually make it a point to put their email ID available on the author page. The most common place you may find it would be the author biography.

    Find It Out Through WHOIS Data

    Find Website Owner Email

    WHOIS data can be accessed publicly and can be the best source of information for finding the email address of the website owner. In fact, the service and the database are dependent upon the information available at the time of domain registration.

    You can access the service at The service is best suited for all-around information on website statistics, owner email ID and a host of other details. You have access to any data with a single search concerning the domain.

    Facebook Page

    This is yet another way that can be helpful in finding the email address of the website owner under question. In fact, the blog owners and website companies share the information when they create the Facebook page.

    Facebook is invariably the best place to find the email ID of the website owner. Check the information on the fan page of your favorite website. Check the About page on the fan page. You should, in fact, find complete details including the email address of the website owner.

    About Us and Contact Us Page

    This is something that should be quite obvious. This information should be available anywhere. You may or may not get it for sure, but this is the prominent place you need to give a thought to.

    Information about the website should be available on at many places – in the footer, links in the sidebar or even in the author biography. If you do not find it directly, check by typing the following in the address bar-

    • Yoursite/about-us
    • Yoursite/about-me
    • Yoursite/contact
    • Yoursite/contact-us

    Replace Yoursite with the website domain name. Do note that these are just a few examples.

    Search On Google

    Isn’t that a little obvious? If you do not know about something that you are looking for, you always tend to “Google it!“.

    Just enter the target address followed by the search term like an Email address. This is yet another shot in the dark. If you are lucky enough, you should be able to get the email address easily because Google knows everything.

    Email Hunter

    It is one of the best and simple methods you can use to find the email address of a domain name. The service does work in the same way like WhoIs.

    Of course, you would be able to get the personal email address of the website owner naturally. However, many websites use domain specific email address. Email Hunter is the service that should help you achieve the task. In fact, it is one of the tools that can be used by the marketers and bloggers.


    Spokeo is another tool that should be useful in locating the email address with ease. But, beware you may or may not be able to find the email address. This is a method that may work at times.

    The service works with a paid option, and you would need to create an account. If you are searching for the name of a person, you will end up with a lot of potential email addresses that may or may not hit the bull’s eye. Do note that for more exact inference, you need to have the information like the age or full name.


    If you are aware of the name of the person, you may give it a shot through Twitter. Address them a tweet indicating that you are interested in sharing their Email address.

    Please note that your tweet to them needs to be specific and be genuine. Talk about something you found on the website and persuade them into sharing the email ID with you. Maybe your tweet can get lost if the person you are talking to is quite famous and tends to receive a lot of emails.

    Before We Conclude…

    Well, finding the email ID of the website owner may not be as easy as it may appear. However, the tips or strategies indicated here should go a long way in helping you out in your venture. There is a few third-party service you may opt for. Rapportive, Ninja Outreach, and Buzzstream are a few excellent options that can be given a thought to.

    Have you used any of the techniques we have featured here to locate the email address of a website owner? Which one of these tips worked better for your need. Do note that none of these methods may offer you a reliable option to find the email address of the website owner. Try any one of them and see which one works for you. The method that works with one case may not work with the other scenarios.

    And yes, the methods can be used to find the email address of not only a website owner but a lot of similar cases.