Are you looking for a cheap, reliable web hosting? Check out our Cloudcone Hosting Review and find out their competitive pricing for entry-level workloads.

If you are into blogging or for that matter, run a website, the most important aspect you need to take care of is to choose the hosting service that is reliable and affordable enough. Most of the hosting services currently available charge you quite low which is sufficient for the initial years of starting up. The renewal charges tend to be quite high and in case you are not earning enough from your blog or site – they can quickly become entirely unaffordable. That is precisely where a service like CloudCone come in quite handy enough. What sets them apart from the rest of the service providers? Let us check in this concise review of the service and explore the options they provide you with.

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CloudCone Hosting Review – An Overview

CloudCone is indeed a saving grace for those looking for an affordable option for their website building. Whether you are an enterprise, or a startup or even a blogger, you will find the services offered by CloudCone to be affordable and efficient.

What makes them stand apart from the rest of the service providers is the fact that they offer you hourly pricing options. You will be able to deploy your managed cloud services in a secure, scalable and reliable network. In fact, instead of offering you bundled plans, the services excels with its stack of cloud services that will collaborate providing you complete support services and hosting infrastructure.

Check out their VPS Plans below:

Sugar Plum

1 vCPU Core
256 MB RAM
10 GB RAID 10 Storage
1 x IPv4 & 3 x IPv6
1 TB Bandwidth
Free AnyCast DNS

$13.93 /YR (billed $0.00156 /HR)


1 vCPU Core
512 MB RAM
20 GB RAID 10 Storage
1 x IPv4 & 3 x IPv6
1 TB Bandwidth
Free AnyCast DNS

$18.48 /YR (billed $0.00207 /HR)

The creators of Cloudcone have put a lot of work into this new enterprise.  They have guaranteed the highest quality of service that is affordable for everyone.  They have been continually releasing new features that are exciting their current users and will hopefully bring in even more.

I don’t know if their latest offer is still going on, but it’s worth checking out.  They were offering a $5 cloud credit given to everyone who signs up on their platform.  Everyone would receive all their services for three months!  As I said, I’m not sure if this offer is still on the platform.

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When you deploy a server, you can see the final computed pricing in real-time. The best part is that you will not have to pay upfront. The fees are monthly deducted from your credit card.

See below:

Cloudcone Hosting Review

Cloudcone Hosting Review

Members have stated Cloudcone’s affordable cloud service is continually growing and getting better with each passing day.

One of their fascinating features is AnyCast DNS which is free!  The creators listened to their members who were looking for this feature.  They now have their managed DNS service with a 24/7 uptime guaranteed and global DNS is available at no added costs for their current users.

Members’ Opinions:

Many members said they are very pleased with their live chat, using the intercom, and believe it is well integrated.  One member said he’s been with them for a month, hosting a small cPanel service.  Their response time for support seems to be very fast, literally in a matter of minutes.

Their VPS is deployed on a 1 Gbps port but is limited to only 100 Mbps.  It’s believed they will be increasing the speed in the very near future.  The Datacenter is MultaCom which I have not heard of, but the internal cPanel VPS license is exceptionally cheap @ $11 USD billed monthly.

Another group rang in about other services saying they started with ordering Xen when they first signed up but decided to switch to KVM and had to create a KN+VMP VPS that was they moved the IP which only took them 5 minutes to do, so all in all that seemed like an excellent deal considering their prices.

The service seems to have no downtime over the past month, and others are monitoring it. So far, so good!  Their custom panel is a wonderfully laid out design and runs fast.

The only other information I have is their IO is very fast; nodes run E5 2620, no information about their HDD setup though it appears to be SAS and runs fast.  When asked if the CPU is dedicated, it’s fair-share which, considering their prices, seems reasonable.

“I recently signed up for these guys, they seem to provide a REALLY, and I mean, a REALLY cheap cPanel license (USD 7) per month. I’m currently paying about $11 USD for: 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD + cPanel license.”

WordPress Hosting

Cloudcone also provides super cheap managed WordPress hosting for stress-free management. See the lowest pricing below:

Cloudcone Pricing:

$2.67 a month to get 1 Xeon CPU, 512 MB Ram, and 10 GB

$47.42 a month to get 8 Xeon CPU, 16 GB Memory, and 400 GB Disk

The Features that make it a great choice

It has multiple stacks, and you have the liberty of choosing what you want, how much you want and pay only for what you would make use of. This is in sharp contrast to the other hosting services you may have used so far.

Cloud Servers

CloudCone offers you high performance, fully managed cloud servers at affordable pricing. Multiple gigabit and low latency networks back the service. What makes their cloud servers the best option is you will be charged on the hourly basis. Just choose the resources you would want to use and pay only for what you will be using.

The charges commence as low as $ 2.67, and that should be something you have unheard of.

When you deploy a server, you can pick your resources and configure them in real time and compute the actual charges you will be paying. And yes, you do not need to pay anything upfront as such. Your recurring fees will be charged to your credit card on a monthly basis.

Some of the features that the cloud server provides you include

  • Remote Reboot functionality that aids you to reboot, boot or shut down your server at the click of a button.
  • You can complete freedom to manage your server with the root access.
  • The service uses Xeon E5 cores clocked at 2.00 GHz, thus ensuring a high-speed computing functionality.
  • An always online support functionality for continued maintenance and management.
  • You can scale up or down your resources depending upon the exact requirements you would come across.

Dedicated Servers

CloudCone also comes with dedicated server offerings as well. The Dell dedicated servers are fully managed and offer you a DDoS protected service. Some of the features that the service comes with include

  • They offer affordable pricing ranging from $ 59 to $ 99 per month for the requirements. You may with the additional high-end plans depending upon your deployment needs.
  • The servers are deployed within a span of about 2 to 3 hours.
  • The service makes use of Dell PowerEdge servers for enhanced performance. There is an option for the low-end Supermicro servers if your requirements are limited.

DDoS Protection

All the services offered by CloudCone come with network-wide DDoS protection. The protection is available to up to 1 TB per sec. The security is available on free on demand and paid always mode.

The On-Demand DDoS protection is available on all the services offered by CloudCone. The systems are configured to detect the DDoS attacks and then null routes your IP address to prevent the attack. Once that done, the traffic is routed through DDoS protected uplinks till the attack stops.

Since this mode can result in a shorter downtime, you can opt for the Always On option if your requirements have any implications of downtime. The Always On DDoS protection is chargeable at $ 2 per month over the plan charges.

Support Channels

The CloudCone service offers you a complete 24 x 7 support service. The provider has been releasing new features week after week, and that should be one of the best options to go with the tool.

The service functionality covers the following areas –

Load problems or sluggishness

  • Network related issues
  • Failure of the server to boot
  • Hardware failures (dedicated servers)
  • Package installations via package manager (YUM, RPM)
  • DNS Configuration
  • Best effort for 3rd party script configurations and website errors
  • Task automation
  • Firewall setup & troubleshooting
  • E-mail configuration
  • OS upgrades & software migrations (PHP, MySQL)
  • Custom Apache configurations (Apache modules)
  • Perl/PECL module/extension installations
  • Backup configurations

The Live Chat support coupled with an Email Ticketing system would make it a great choice when it comes to your needs in cloud hosting services.

To Summarize:

There are members on Cloudcone that wish they provided an affiliate program.  They’d be glad to share their links and possibly be able to keep their cPanel free for a few more months!

The most amazing feature to date that is drawing significant interest  – they will calculate your bill by the hour just like Vultr.  However, they provide a very high-quality connection from China to Los Angeles which is similar to the QN data center.  They do need to improve their uplink port that is only 100 Mbps.  Members are ready to embrace and support the Gbps port or 10 Gbps uplink port.

Because they are continually adding new features and seem to be flexible to the needs of their members, we believe Cloudcone has excellent potential for some years down the road.

The Concluding Thoughts

They are entirely new in the block, but CloudCone is observed to pack in a lot of features and functions. The support channels and the friendly customer care service make it a great choice to go with. They also have access to WordPress hosting that would make it easy to manage your sites and blogs with CloudCone. The WordPress functionality is available at just $ 10 over your regular server charges.

The feature that we liked the most with the CloudCone is the hourly billing system, something akin to Vultr. The fact that they are adding features makes them one of the bright options for all your website requirements. We would consider them one of the great opportunities down the line. Check them out once and share your thoughts and experiences with us.