Best RapidWeaver Hosting For Websites With Pricing and Performance

Are you into web designing and allied tasks? If you are one and love working with the Mac OS, you may, by all means, heard about RapidWeaver. An excellent web design tool for Mac OS, it has been quite well-known and one of the preferred software for designing your websites. Which hosting provider should you go with for the best experience concerning RapidWeaver hosting? Let us list out a few best RapidWeaver Hosting options for your site built with RapidWeaver. Meanwhile, for those who are unaware of what RapidWeaver is capable of, we will begin by explaining the software in a little detail.

RapidWeaver – Web Design Software for Mac

Best RapidWeaver Hosting

RapidWeaver is, undoubtedly, one of the simplest tools you can use to create your websites. In our opinion, what makes RapidWeaver an excellent option is the lack of need for coding. That would best suit those who want to share their ideas through their sites, but do not have the requisite technical knowledge to create websites.

The tool comes with preset webpages. You need to use them as the base for creating your pages. There are a host of themes available on the software so that you can personalize your website to your liking. You also have access to a host of plugins for further improving your web pages.

One of the advantages that site developers claim to get for RapidWeaver is the standard code generated by RapidWeaver and Search Engines can easily index the codes. You will be able to edit the code if you are aware of the HTML and CSS coding.

Best RapidWeaver Hosting

Well, like with WordPress or other web design interfaces, RapidWeaver may not be useful unless you opt for the compatible and capable web hosting provider. We have been receiving queries from our readers as to which hosting service is better for web hosting with RapidWeaver. We checked out the options available and arrived at the following top picks for the best RapidWeaver hosting.

Go through the compilation and choose the one that best meets your needs.

1. SiteGround

Best RapidWeaver Hosting

SiteGround is one of the prominent players in the web hosting arena that has good support for the Mac operating system. Launched in 2003, the service currently has over 150,000 satisfied clients.

Some of the features that would make it an exceptional choice for hosting your RapidWeaver websites can be summed up as

  • The servers that SiteGround hosts the site are quite robust and powerful. You can be assured of an exemplary level of service.
  • The initial pricing starts at $ 3.95, and you will get 10 GB and unlimited data transfer. There are other affordable pricing options available
  • The best help and support options for RapidWeaver installation should guide you through the steps quickly.
  • Almost all core features come included within the packs helping you build a stronger site.

If you are starting off with your website building steps and looking for the best options with an affordable budget, SiteGround should be your ideal choice.

2. Eleven2

If appearance is what you are looking ahead to, Eleven2 should be the best you can opt for. But yes, it isn’t only about look. You can be assured of a host of other features as well.

One of the most positive aspects that Eleven2 offers you is the world-class customer support. What would you think of the 60-day money back guarantee? That is indeed much more than the industry standard practice of 30 days! And that should speak of their confidence, right?

What makes Elven2 one of the top choices? Here are our reasons –

  • The firm has four data centers spread across Singapore, UK, and the US. That should cover almost the entire global audience ideally! There are two data centers in the US.
  • You have access to a 24 x 7 dedicated live chat support.
  • You can choose between four different shared hosting plans available.
  • The initial plan comes with 10 GB of disk space, 50 GB bandwidth and an option to host up to 10 domains.

Of course, there are no unlimited storage and bandwidth options with Eleven2. We do not think that should matter much.

3. Little Oak Hosting

Have you heard of them? If you are on Mac and a die-hard Mac fan, you should be aware of the hosting provider. Little Oak is a perfect Mac OS web hosting service by any standard.

What makes it so important and outstanding is the fact that it has been created explicitly for Mac by the Mac users. They guarantee you a 100 percent uptime guarantee. What’s more, they would offer you 10 percent off on your monthly fee if your site goes down for ten minutes! Given the fact that Little Oak is a conventional shared hosting service, that should be a great promise and confidence.

What are the other features worthy of consideration? Well, some of them can be pointed out as –

  • They focus on customer satisfaction than acquiring a considerable number of customers.
  • The service is specifically built for the Mac users and understands what a Mac user needs.
  • The excellent customer service should be one of the outstanding options that it provides you.
  • They have over 400,000 active users on their site.
  • The basic plan will offer you 5 GB of data space and 50 GB of data transfer.
  • Every one of their plans lets you host unlimited domains.

Little Oak should help you with all your RapidWeaver installation options as they are one of the partners with RapidWeaver. They will help you set up you’re your RapidWeaver site with easy to follow integration.

4. Web Hosting Buzz

When you think of dedicated hosting, the Web Hosting Buzz should be one of the options that come to your mind. However, even their shared hosting plans are affordable and worth trying.

The firm has over 30000 satisfied customers and services its customers in around 140 countries. It can be a good option for the RapidWeaver users only because of the high degree of customer satisfaction that they value.

Why did we add them to this list? Here are our reasons –

  • A service provider is an excellent option for RapidWeaver users as they are well versed with RapidWeaver and Mac ecosystem.
  • They do not oversell, and that would help you avoid competition. This can be a great option considering the plans for your site.
  • They offer you a 45-day money back guarantee for all their plans.
  • The basic plan will offer you 400 GB of storage space. That should be massive enough for a small business.
  • If you opt for higher plans, you will get SSL certificates and your IP.

One of the best hosting services for RapidWeaver, it provides you access to a high degree of optimization.

5. Rose Hosting

Expecting the best options regarding customer service? Rose Hosting can be one of the excellent options you can go with. You can be assured of services ranging from VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

Some of the features that we liked the most with Rose Hosting include

  • All their plans across multiple genres should be compatible with RapidWeaver. You need not worry about the compatibility issues no matter which plans or hosting type you would go with.
  • The lowest plan will offer you 500 MB of disk space and 20 GB of data transfer limits.
  • You have access to easy to use control panels that would ideally not need any extra knowledge or technical expertise.
  • The weekly data backup should be one of the best options aiding you in managing your website and restoring it in case of crashes.
  • You can be assured of a 45-day money back guarantee. That is ideally 15 days more than the standard 30 days guarantee offered by other service providers.
  • You also have access to a one Stop installer option.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, RapidWeaver is an excellent option for creating amazing websites on Mac Operating system. The ease of creating your websites is one of the aspects that we loved the most with it. The list of the best web hosting services as compiled above should help you make the most out of the excellent functionality offered by RapidWeaver.

We would consider Little Oak to be an excellent option given the fact that they are one of the partners of RapidWeaver program and thus know everything about the service. They will even help you install and work with RapidWeaver seamlessly.

Which of these services do you use? If you are using any of them, do share your thoughts with us so that we will be enlightened with the further knowledge about the services.


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