Best Anti-Ad blocker Plugins in WordPress to Prevent Users with Ad-Blockers

Best Anti-Ad blocker Plugins in WordPress

Advertising revenue is what you would be interested in if you are a blogger. But, the growing use of Ad Blockers has been one of the most profound concerns for the blogging community. In fact, according to estimates – the number of people using Ad Blockers has been expected to grow up to 40 percent. It has necessitated the need for opting for the alternative options for selling your products and services. While people have been looking ahead for information for everything under the sun over the internet, they tend to use ad blockers. This has been dwindling the revenues for the website owners. That is precisely where the need for Anti Ad Blocker plug-ins comes to the fore. These plugins block the Ad Blockers and function towards serving ads in spite of the fact that the visitors use Ad Blockers. We will list out the Anti-Ad blocker Plugins in WordPress in today’s article.

Anti-Ad blocker Plugins in WordPress

As we mentioned, usage of Ad Blockers has grown at percent. Translated into numbers, this comes to a whopping 200 million active users opting for Ad Blockers. This has indeed put the website owners in a fix. They have been trying to crack down on the increasing usage of ad blockers and thus protect their advertising revenue. There are several options employed to achieve the task.

Some authority websites force the visitors out of the site unless they disable the Ad Blocker. Of course, the approach appears to be a little dictatorial – but given the fact that the sites are authority websites in their respective genre – they get away with it. However, if you are a small time blogger or website owner – you would need to depend on the anti-adblocker plugins for your WordPress website.

Why would visitors use ad blockers? This has more to do with the malicious ads that tend to be of cheapest quality. Several Ads do not add any superior user experience and thus can be quite intrusive. Unless extra care is taken to control these malicious Ad varieties, you would need to live with ad blockers. Until that happens, we have no other options than opting for Anti Ad Blocker plugins for our WordPress sites. Of course, there is no dearth of anti-adblocker plugins for WordPress. Most of them come with an easy installation option and as such quite easy to set them up.

So, without adding much – we will list out a few best Anti Ad blocker plugins available for WordPress.

Ad Blocker Notify

Best Anti-Ad blocker Plugins in WordPress

The plug-in uses an approach of convincing the audience about how vital the ad servings are you and them. You try to convince them politely to think over disabling the ad blocker.

The plugin detects if an ad blocker is enabled on the visitor’s browser. If it discovers one, it will notify the user to consider disabling the ad blocker. The exact time that you would want the notification to pop up can be configured. Apart from that, the plugin also offers you a still higher degree of customization. You can make the warning entirely personal with multiple templates, animations, effects, colors, and catchy titles. In fact, the plugin lets you have complete control over the message that you would want your visitors to find.

You can also make the messages more convincing for the users. Trying to explain how essential it is for you to get advertising revenue and keep serving the kind of content that they are enjoying.

Ad Blocking Detector

The plugin designed to force your visitors to disable the ad blocker. The Ad Blocking Detector detects the ad blocker if enabled and comes with a custom message. The visitors would not be able to move ahead on your site unless they disable the ad blocker.

When the visitor attempts to open your content, the plugin will check whether ad blocker is enabled. If it isn’t, the regular Ad will be shown along with the material. If it finds the ad blocker enabled, it will offer a customized subtle message instead of the content so that the user will have to disable ad blocker if they want to access your content. The anti-adblocker plugin uses shortcodes and sidebar widgets to help you efficiently function against the ad blockers.

The anti-adblocker is entirely customizable.

Anti Ad Block Adspaces

The plugin is designed to work in an entirely flexible manner. In addition to disabling the ad blocker, it can also improve your traffic.

The Anti Ad Block AdSpaces is very easy to install on your WordPress site. The plugin is continuously updated and thus is compatible with almost all the versions of the WordPress site you may have. In fact, it is a tool that packs in a vast set advantage in a small package. The abilities that the software offers you make it an indispensable tool and the best as a tool for your needs.

It is a flexible and innovative solution that would help you improve the performance of the site in addition to enhancing protection against the ad blockers.

AdBlock X

More than being an anti-adblocker, it doubles up as an analytical tool for the impact that the ad blockers have on your site. The free WordPress plugin works as a completely comprehensive ad blocker for all your needs.

The features of the plugin include tracking unique visitors, the visitors who return, and the impact that the ad blockers have on your site’s performance. The grids and graphical charts give a complete insight into the behavior of your site performance. You can create custom messages with Ad Block X. The messages can also be customized to suit the way you would want it to appear. You have access to a user-friendly and more straightforward visual, charts, and grids.

We would treat it as the Google Analytics for Ad Blockers. It would offer you a complete and sophisticated dashboard comprising of stats, numbers, and percentages of visitors with adblockers.

Simple AdBlock Notice

As the name itself should be an indication, the Simple AdBlock Notice comes up with a pop up whenever it detects a visitor to your website with an enabled ad blocker. In fact, it does nothing to block the ad blockers, but only suggests the visitors whitelist your site.

Some website owners believe that using anti-ad blockers amounts to illegal practices and thus can invite an unwanted penalty from Google. Unless you are not sharing malware, it should not be of any concern to the search engine giant. However, if you are still worried, Simple Ad Block Notice should be your best bet. The pop-up message displayed by Simple Ad Block Notice is wholly customizable and user-friendly to create. However, you also have access to a Strict Mode which would force the visitor to disable the adblocker if he wants to have access to the content on your site.

Ensure that your site is not filled with many crappy ads that do not make any sense.

Block AdBlock

This is yet another anti-adblocker plugin that is quite harsh on the part of the users who have enabled ad blockers. Your visitors would not be able to have access to the content on your site until they disable the Ad Blocker.

The functionality of the plugin is quite simple and easy to use. Install the plugin and click on Kill AdBlock Settings under your wp-admin menu. You can then select or deselect all your preferences as per your choice. You can create your message as well. The popup can be shown in any of the three modes that you can choose from – Sticky Bar, Full Screen, and Flying Box. Ensure that the custom messages you use on your anti-adblocker are not aggressive for the visitor. One of the features that we liked about the plugin is it is swift to install and configure.

You can use the messages indicating the benefits of disabling the Ad Blocker and how crucial it is to you for your survival.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that would conclude our select list of best Anti Ad Blocker Plugins. This would help you find an improved performance in your site traffic. As we have already featured in the above list, several anti-adblocker plugins would help you enhance the traffic of your website in addition to offering security against ad blockers.

We would assume the list of ant ad blocker plugins we have featured here should help you achieve success regarding safeguarding your ad revenue and in turn improving you to continue with your blogging career. Have you used any of the anti-ad blockers from our list? If you have, do share your opinions and views with us with those tools and plugins, so that our readers will benefit from your experiences.