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The print medium is changing, especially the newspapers. The focus has now been shifting towards the internet. Almost all significant publications are moving to the online space. That would also explain the popularity enjoyed by the genre and a host of individual news-based blogs and sites flooding the Internet. Maybe most of us have been thinking that the shift to the online mode is devastating the feel that is associated with the traditional way that we have long been fascinated with. However, we would think otherwise. Yes, moving to the Internet has its advantages. There would be no barriers or no middlemen of any sort. Your content is directly delivered to your followers. But, it comes with another challenge. You need to keep your content engaging and riveting. Of course, you have fantastic content- but what would matter is how you would be presenting it. Themes are what would help you achieve the objective. If you are looking for the best Newspaper Theme for your news sites, this post should indeed be helpful in finding the best option for your needs.

Newspaper Themes – Best Alternatives to Newspaper Theme by TagDiv

Well, exactly. TagDiv has been a great developer when we look at the newspaper themes. Though they have a host of themes for the genre, Newspaper is TagDiv developed and one of the most popular themes. The clean and a structured look is what would give it an excellent look and feel. A neat, clear and intuitive organization of all the options and settings would make it a more comfortable choice for monitoring and handle the content on your website. The latest Newspaper 8 theme offers you a complete overhauled interface and functionality.

However, if you have got used too much to Newspaper 8 theme and would want to look for a change, there isn’t a shortage of options at your disposal. Here is a collection of the best TagDiv Newspaper theme alternatives that would change the way you have been serving your audience with news, views, and opinions.


The multipurpose magazine theme developed by SmartMag is both smart and responsive at the same time. Import the theme with ease and customize them to suit your expectations.

What would make it an exciting approach is the fact that you do not need to have any coding knowledge to be able to use or implement it? Choose a demo that appeals to you and personalizes it with the kind of content you would like to serve your audience with. The drag and drop builder for your pages is yet another excellent feature that simplifies your tasks further. Mostly, it is the simple option for you so that you can concentrate on your content without having to worry about technicalities of how to set up your site.

We would treat SmartMag as a prime and most modern mode of solution for your needs. If you find it interesting and appealing enough, get in touch with


Is your news site dedicated to the kind of the audience who is always on a busy schedule? GoodLife can be an excellent choice for catering to such a follower base.

It would simplify the process of news gathering and presentation. In fact, one of the features that we indeed like with the theme is it is completely customized for the mobile screens. It is precisely what would help you achieve the best for the visitors who are always on the move and love checking out your site on the go. Cross-browser compatibility is another feature that makes GoodLife a theme with a super responsive design. The versatile theme can let you customize it with any niche. Also, several pre-built themes would help you take a quicker decision on what you would want for your news site.

If you would want to give it a try, visit

Mission News

If your site hosts news from practically every sphere of life, Mission news should be your best choice. It comes with a double sidebar design and thus accumulates more sneak peaks into your website.

Mobile adaptation is another feature that would make it an excellent choice for all your needs. In fact, it is one of the highlights that has been one of the most necessary aspects of any theme these days. You have access to a lot of layouts and customization options. In fact, one of the best features of the Mission News theme is the ability to add individual designs to each of your posts separately. Of course, there is a Pro version with additional features if you want to.

You may visit the official site for more information.


A perfect combination of classic style with the modern functionality – that is precisely what we would call the new Newspaper theme. In case you are publishing a heavy dose of content on your site, the theme should be your best bet.

In fact, Newspaper is what would make it the best option for your needs if you are one of those who likes to publish content multiple times all through the day. There are a lot of customization options to arrange the material under various categories like Trending News or Breaking Alert. It offers you a host of layout designs and features that would let you publish a broader range of media-rich content. The theme also supports the right to left languages if you have any such content. One of the excellent mobile friendly newspaper themes, it loads quickly which is incidentally one of the most necessary features of a newspaper theme.

Know more about it through the official site at

Click Mag

How about a great theme that suits that style of journalism wherein you have been posting content that usually goes viral? Well, this theme will help you make your content go viral.

Yes, Click Mag is a newspaper theme that is best suited for the kind of content that comes under the category of hottest news and current affairs. In fact, with such type of news and content, the timely delivery and presentation are of utmost importance. Add to it the quicker mobile responsiveness. Isn’t that a complete package of hippest material ever? The Trending News section can let you drag the attention of your visitors to the most read content on the site. You also have access to a Continue Reading button that would help you shorten the stories. In fact, this would be a perfect way to monetize your site better as this would let you add more ads to the articles. The Click Mag is the best theme if your content is fast moving and looks for an interactive approach for your site.

Check them out at


Are you on a news site that has the looks of a glossy magazine? The high-end cosmopolitan look is what you would get with the Noozbeat theme.

Noozbeat is a newspaper theme that would put your site ahead of all other options regarding glossiness and great looks. You have access to more than 30 color options for the layout and several layouts for individual categories. If you do not want to build a design, but want to use one of the prebuilt plans for your site? No issues. You have access to over ten layouts that can be used for the homepage of your website. Also, you can also choose from among the six different designs for featured posts as well. High degree of customization is what would help you take the lead over your competitors. Noozbeat offers you yet another advantage that is possibly not available on any other theme may not have added – it comes with built-in ad spaces. This will help you naturally insert the ads. If a magazine-style theme is your pick, Noozbeat should be your prime choice.

If you find the theme interesting and would want to give it a try, check it out on

In Conclusion

Well, News is a massive business if you are into building websites or blogs. In fact, it is one of the most challenging niches as well. That would explain the vast number of themes available for the slot. In fact, the six Newspaper themes that we have featured in this post should form part of a representative list alone. We would recommend you opt for any of them depending upon the genre and niche of the news categories that your site would be catering to.

In fact, the online magazine/ news is a competitive arena, and that holds true in the case of themes available for the niche as well. If you are in doubt, it would be a great idea to check out the live demo if possible. Choose among the best beautiful and feature rich themes that would meet your exact requirements.

Did you like our Best Alternatives to Newspaper Theme by TagDiv article? Which among the themes featured here did you find interesting and useful for your needs? Do share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with us through the comments section here below.