SSDNodes vs Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting Comparison Price Performance

Are you looking ahead to the new VPS server for your needs? Of course, the VPS hosting is the next stage that you would need to go with if you have outgrown the shared hosting capabilities of your organization. You may also look to it if you are a developer and need it for your research and development requirements. In either case, a VPS is indeed one of the best options you can go with and can be a valuable investment for growing your business. With a host of VPS solutions available, it might be confusing enough to choose the best options among the lot available. Among a series of comparisons available online, we will cover a correlation between SSDNodes vs Digital Ocean in today’s post.

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SSDNodes – An Overview of a New Service


Of course, the service has been one of the newest entrants in the arena, but still – it has been able to carve a niche for itself. In fact, the affordable plans that they offer you are incredibly high to work with. Their plans come with much-loaded options packed within, so much that you can plan things beyond blogging. And yes, you also have the assurance of zero downtime if you are going with the higher plans or packages.

Signing up is simple and more straightforward. Each of your orders is reviewed manually. There is also fraud protection involved, making it one of the security options to go with. You would only need to specify an OS to configure your VPS. However, you have the option of changing your OS if you change your mind later. The options available include CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.

The speed is quite good. Our tests offered a rate of around 80 to 90 MB per sec. Of course, the performance would be dependent upon the data center you have chosen. One of the features we loved the most with the service includes the excellent customer support provided. The service offers you replies to your queries within a few hours. And yes, the responses written are also quite explanatory – no matter what kind of questions do you have.

Digital Ocean – A Service that has lived up To Expectations

Digital Ocean is one of the best options for your needs for robust and straightforward cloud computing solution for all your needs. The cheaper, trustworthy and sincere services are what would make it one of the excellent choices for obvious reasons.

You have access to a wide range of services including floating IP services, shared private networking, Tier -1 bandwidth, team accounts, and SSD hard drive support are what would make it one of the excellent options you can go with.

The Cloud Servers are provided within 55 seconds and are referred to as droplets. The control panel is much easy to navigate with. Whether you are a developer or a regular user, you would find the service best to work with. The API functionality would be one of the best you can go with. It will offer you a personalized experience.

Even the payment functionality is one of the best to work with. Digital Ocean offers you billing only for the actual usage. So, in case you have available hours, you need not worry about them being charged to you.

VPS Plans Comparison:

8GB plans Vultr Digital Ocean Linode SSD Nodes
RAM 16GB 16GB 16GB 16GB
CPU 6-core 6-core 1-core 4-core
Disk 200GB SSD 320GB SSD 20GB SSD 80GB SSD
Transfer 5TB 6TB 5TB 8TB
Price $80/mo $80/mo $60/mo $9.99/mo
Vultr Digital Ocean Linode SSD Nodes
Disk (GB) per dollar ($) 2.5 GB/$ 4 GB/$ 0.33 GB/$ 9.99
Vultr Digital Ocean Linode SSD Nodes
RAM (MB) per dollar ($) 200 MB/$ 200 MB/$ 266.66 MB/$ 9.99


The Pros and Cons That Matter – SSDNodes vs Digital Ocean

Well, the essence of any service includes the positives and negatives that each of the hosting companies offer you. In fact, that would provide you with an insight into what you can expect from a particular service. Check out the Pros and Con for each of those services in more exquisite detail.

Digital Ocean

The Pros

  • The best documentation in the industry is what would make Digital Ocean an undisputed king in the realm of VPS hosting.
  • One of the best options for the developers. The interface and the functions are entirely developer friendly.
  • The user interface offers you a user-friendly option as well.
  • Easy integration is offered with other Digital Ocean droplets.

The Cons

  • Support is not up to the mark. What we mean is the lack of paid support options. It can be an issue for the larger customers who need to have access to more critical data.
  • The storage data is billed at the plan value whether or not you are using it to the fullest. Even when you are using just a fraction of the total storage, you will end up paying the same amount.

SSD Nodes

The Pros

  • It offers you a completely down to earth experience.
  • An excellent customer service option.
  • Excellent disk read and write speed performance
  • It comes with a free option for lets Encrypt SSL certification

The Cons

  • A little lower performance compared to the high-end plans

Which One Should You Go With?

Well, that isn’t something you can work straightaway into. Check out your preferences and requirements before you can decide to opt for either of them. From what we have found from the reviews, we would consider SSDNodes to be one of the excellent alternatives to Digital Ocean. Not that it offers you any exceptional features that Digital Ocean does not, but still – the support and ease of signing up are a couple of features that attracted us more than anything else.

Digital Ocean can be one of the best alternatives if you are looking from a developer’s perspective. You would probably need technical knowledge to work through it. Of course, they have the best in class documentation and offer a tutorial for practically everything on the service; no dedicated or assured helpline may be helpful in scenarios when you are stuck somewhere. SSDNodes provides an excellent response time for almost any kind of query. The customer service team knows what business they are in and how would you be able to resolve a particular issue.

Even cost wise, we would consider SSDNodes a better and affordable service when compared to Digital Ocean. In short, if you are not a developer and do not need access to high-end functionality – you can go with SSDNodes as an alternative to Digital Ocean.


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