How to Place Ads only on Homepage for WordPress Sites

We run our sites and blogs either as a hobby or to make money. Popular Ad networks such as Google AdSense is perhaps one of the most widely used options for monetizing your website. Adding your Ad codes should be an easier task and the perfect way to monetize your website or blog. However, where would you ideally want to place your ads? There are several advantages and disadvantages of using the ads on the landing page or the homepage of your site. Let us examine how to place the ads on your WordPress homepage.

Where should you place your ads on a WordPress blog?

You have been able to achieve the task of getting your Ad account approved. However, where should you actually place your ads?

Most of the times, your themes will let you choose the exact location for the ads. However, not all the suggestions put forward by the themes may not be the right options. While most of the themes let you choose the exact positions for finding the best possible options for placing your ads, some of them may not have the widget support.

Your earnings can be severely affected if you are not careful enough in choosing the right placement of the ads.

The exact locations you would want to put the ads for a practical functionality would be to place them inside your content. In fact, if you want your visitors to notice your ads and click on them, the right option would be to put them inside your articles!  Of course, you should choose the right ad size and type. There are three major areas that it may be an excellent option – above the article, below the article and between the paragraphs within the post.

Why does this position work best? Because it offers you an excellent option to notice your ads and perhaps click on them. These ads do not annoy the visitors, nor do they cover the content due to which the visitor is visiting your site.

Another option is to use your ads only on your homepage and not on any other pages of your website. This, too, has been observed to be a great way to improve the possibility of your enhanced earning.

How to place your ads Only on Homepage?

There are times where you have some code, ad, or some text you would want to show on the homepage alone. You do not want to show it on any other page of your website.

How would you do it? Well, there are several ways you would be able to do it. We will discuss the two most widely used options that can help you place the ads on your homepage right away. Both the methods work skillfully, and you should be able to handle it without any issues even if you are not an expert.

Method 1 – Using a PHP Code

The first method for placing the ads on the homepage of your site involves opting for a PHP code. This code shows the ad content only on the home page and blocks it from appearing on other internal pages of your website or blog.

One of the methods is to check If Is_Font_Page. This is considered to be one of the best options to use. Just insert this code, and if the conditions are met, you can enter your ad code or whatever that you would want to add inside the page.

Insert the following code –

<?php if ( is_front_page() ) { ?>
Your code here
<?php } ?>

Another option is to go for the method that involves checking if the current page is homepage and then insert your code.

You can insert the following code and check how it works –

<?php if ( is_home() ) { ?>
Your code here
<?php } ?>

In both the above examples, you should note that the Your code here refers to your code or item – text, ad or anything else –  that you want to add to the homepage alone and not in any other page.

What is the difference between the two options we shared above? The “front_page” and “home“  are slightly different. A front-page refers to the very first page of your site, and home refers to the page where your latest posts are shown. The ideal option should be to choose the front page irrespective of whether it is a static page or the page where your most recent posts are displayed.

Another excellent option is to use a separate sidebar specific to the homepage. You may also check out the options like home page only header or footer.

Method 2 – Using a Plugin

This should be something quite easy and straightforward. Check out the most suitable plugin that should help you arrive at the best options available. One of the best choices you would want to go with would be Whydowork Adsense or Ad Inserter.

Of course, you can go with any of the choices that best meet your needs.

Create Homepage specific Sidebar, footer or Header to place ads on the Home page

Another most suitable option to create homepage ads on your WordPress site is to use a homepage specific sidebar, header or footer. These footers and other elements will include the code, text, and ad code that you would want to show on the homepage of your site.

Here is how you would be able to do it –

  • Create a file that is specific to the home page. You can create sidebar-home.php, footer-home.php or header-home.php
  • Add what would you want to show on your homepage to these custom-built pages.
  • Add the newly created files to PHP of index.php files. Doing it should be quite easy and straightforward. Use the following codes –
 <?php get_header( home ); ?>
 <?php get_sidebar( home ); ?>
 <?php get_footer( home ); ?>

This may be a method that may not be quite easy if you are not an expert yourself. However, if you can achieve the task and configure the functionality, it should be one of the best and simplest options to work with. In fact, having a separate file will help you keep your homepage ads and other things organized on your theme files.

A few Recommended practices for placing ads on your WordPress Homepage

We have covered almost all the functions and features of working with the WordPress homepage and other essential details.

Check out a few questions that should provide you with an insight into how to place ads and what to do with the ads on your Home page or elsewhere.

Q – What should be the optimum Ad Size?

A – Ad placement should be a deciding factor to make sure you are earning correctly. The ideal ad size should be 336×280 or 300×250. These have been known to have a better pay rate.

Q – What is the best placement?

A- A perfect placement of the ads will be dependent upon your site and the theme. Your site layout will also have a bearing on the exact ad placement. You should place it at a prominent place. Like we have already outlined in the above discussion, you will find that the ad placement just above the content tends to get a better pay rate.

Q – What happens if you click on your ad?

A – Never click on your own ad or ask your family members to do so. Google’s algorithms are smarter enough and can detect it when you click on your ads. This can result in your account getting banned if you are using Adsense.

Q – How are Google AdSense payments made?

A – Google does calculate the earnings for the previous month and displays them in your transactions section under your profile. Ideally, the payments are made on the 21st of every month. Google makes the payment through several modes – direct electronic transfer, wire transfer, check, and Western Union are just a few of them.

Those were just a few questions that should answer most of your concerns and questions you may have.

In Conclusion

Those were a few tips that should assist you in arriving at the right options for placing your ads on the front page of your WordPress blogs and other websites. Use the tips and methods we have outlined here and shared your thoughts about what you liked the most concerning the options described in this compilation.

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