Linode vs Digital Ocean vs RamNode – Budget Cloud Hosting Comparison

Well, if you are searching for the best, cheaper and Managed Hosting service for your needs, you will indeed be overwhelmed with the full range of choices available at your disposal. There are indeed hundreds of players that tend to promise excellent service. Some of the players that have been wonderful enough and offer you an exceptional choice in their own right include Linode vs Digital Ocean vs RamNode. How do these players compare with one another? Let us get a feel of what capacity do they come packed with and what features do they offer in comparison to one another.

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Linode vs Digital Ocean vs RamNode – A Comparison

Before we begin comparing the two services and the features that they come with, let us make it clear to you that the virtual CPU core of one hosting provider will never be equivalent to that on another hosting provider. There would be performance differences between the two different cores on the same VPS provider.

What are Linode, Digital Ocean, and RamNode? Well, all three of them are VPS service providers and help you work with the cloud to host your services. The high-end customization options provided by VPS providers is what makes them an exceptional choice regarding performance. The kind of service offered by VPS service providers will be excellent in their manner if you are dealing with E-Commerce sites or any similar options.

Digital Ocean – An Overview

Simplicity built for the developers – that is precisely what they claim. If you are tech savvy enough and have complete knowledge of Linux, this is the best option you can go with. The service has been termed user-friendly by reviewers across, but deploying the droplets and servers of your choice may not be as easy as you would find with the likes of Vultr or Linode.

With Digital Ocean, you need to be blessed enough with technical knowledge associated with server deployment and other aspects of working with VPS servers. They offer you on-demand servers and blazingly fast performance. Simple API integration and easy to work control panel are a few features you would indeed like.

Linode – An Introduction

Again, we would consider the service to be high class and best suited for the developers out there. It offers you to set up a server within minutes and would be good to go. It provides a wide range of support for Linux distributions and has a good number of data centers across the globe.

If you are in the Asian region, Linode should be your best bet, ideally. They offer you the best speed and lowest latency in the Asiatic areas. With the introduction of their $ 5 plan for 1 GB RAM, they have indeed become one of the most preferred high-quality performers in the realm of cloud hosting scenario.

RamNode – Does it Fit the Bill?

Well, they are one of the cheapest options currently available for the Cloud Hosting. They have been well known for the support channels and response times offered.

The service offers SSSDs, and SSD cached VPS services making them one of the best performing options currently available. RamNode claims that it provides you the best combination of system and configuration to provide the kind of services that would improve your experiences.

Linode vs Digital Ocean vs RamNode: The Comparative Advantage – How Do They Fare against Each Other?

Now that we have gathered the major USPs of these three players in the realm of VPS hosting and cloud services, how about comparing them side by side based on a few fey features? That would probably help us weigh them together against one another. Let us check them out against our requirements.

Features / Particulars Digital Ocean Linode RamNode
Payment modes Supported PayPal, Credit card, Card Card
Bitcoin Support No No No
Language Support PHP and Node.js PHP  NA
Cheapest Plan $5 at 1 GB RAM and 1 TB Bandwidth $5 at 1 GB RAM and 1 TB Bandwidth $ 3.50 at 256 MB RAM and 1 TB Bandwidth
Server Locations North America, Europe, and Asia North America, Europe, and Asia North America
Support options Available Live chat, Email ticket, forum, video guides, and knowledge base Live chat, phone support, email ticket, knowledge base Email ticket

Which One should you Go with?

Well, the cheapest plan offered is RamNode. However, it would be suitable only if you are checking it out from the academic interest. Such lower resources and other options may not be a good option for a production site. Even if you are going to a static website, they may not be ideal enough.

We would recommend opting for Linode. It is quite reliable enough. The support channels available are indeed worth the attention and you re assured of quickest responses.

Of all the options available, we would consider Linode one of the excellent choices. Of course, you have access to cloud hosting alone, and we would consider it one of the best options to go with. Support and the quality of hardware are the two features that we indeed loved with the service. Digital Ocean has been around for quite long and can be a good option as well. RamNode appears to be out of reckoning when you compare it against the two giants, but it does have its share of exceptional features.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, those were a few comparative thoughts between Digital Ocean, Linode and RamNode and the functionality that they offer you. We have attempted comparing the major features and differences between the three most capable cloud hosting services. You can check out the features that each of them offers and makes an educated decision towards your choice of the best VPSS and cloud hosting for your requirement.

Are you using any of these three services for your hosting needs? In case you do, share your thoughts and inputs with us and help us raise the bar of our knowledge.


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