Blogging is all about earning revenue. But, depending on the blog alone may not bring you that income that you are looking for. How about having a presence on the app store? Preferably the Google Play Store? In fact, that can be something that would bring you more exposure to your blog and make it more popular. If you are looking to convert a blog hosted on Blogger to Android App, there are a few applications that would help you achieve the task, without any coding knowledge. Excited? Let’s check out the options you have at your disposal to convert your Blogger blog into an Android app.

Why would you want to convert your Blog into Android App?

With the advent and popularity of smartphones have been the cause for the emphasis on the content optimized for mobile phones. In fact, Google too wants your blog to be mobile friendly for better indexing prospects. From that perspective, everyone is running to make their blogs optimized enough for the mobile platforms.

Converting a Blog on Blogger To Android App

That would naturally take you to the next option. Or rather the next dream. How about converting your Blogger Blog to an Android app? That isn’t a tough task either. Of course, you have had a hiccup that you need to have programming knowledge to create an app. But, not anymore. Creating an app is indeed a cakewalk, thanks to a host of platforms that get the work done for you.

Is Converting your Blog into an App Useful?

Well, that would work as a double-edged sword. It can either have positive effects or adverse effects. In fact, it does have a lot of Pros and Cons you may need to give a thought to.

We will check out both the positive and negative aspects of an Android app converted from a blog. We will check out the benefits of using the Android app.

Here are the benefits of using the app version of Blogger blog –

  • They are helpful for instant reading benefits
  • Your users will be able to access it instantly
  • Gives you an edge over your competition who does not have an app.
  • Monetize your mobile traffic.

Using mobile apps can be quite a plus point for your blog readers as your visitors would be able to access the blog content quite instantly.

How Can You Convert Your Blogger Blog into Android App?

Generally, you can use the app makers to create an Android app from your blog. Check out the apps and their positive features in detail.


Blogger To Android App

This is an excellent option for creating your Android app from your blog. You do not need to have any knowledge of coding or programming to use the app maker.

AppYet is indeed one of the favorite app makers with the bloggers and used by those who do not have enough knowledge of programming. In fact, it lets you create an app that is entirely customizable. Just provide your RSS feed to the developer, and you should get the app done within no time.

Some of the positive features that the app offers you include

  • The tool lets you create one app for multiple blogs.
  • It offers you navigational items like social handles and tags
  • Mobile notifications
  • You can publish the app onto the Google Play Store or any other app store.

The service does not publish the app to the Play store, but it is something you will need to do. There is no other option to track page views except Google Analytics.


How To Convert Your Blog on Blogger To Android App

AppGeyser is an exciting app maker that you may use it to create your Android app from your blogger blog. In fact, the tool should be the fastest option for your needs in making a new app for your blog.

The functionality of the tool is quite simple and easy to follow. The app maker features a Getting Started that solves all your issues in one go. Just let the software know what the type of the app you would want is, and the app will handle the task with ease. Another option that would make AppGeyser one of the best options is the option it offers you to monetize the app.

The features we liked with the app maker can be summed up as

  • Fastest option for creating an app.
  • You can create an unlimited number of apps for free
  • You can preview the app before publishing it which should be unique in its own right.
  • The tool lets you monetize the apps with ease.

Tracking your pageviews would not be with the apps made with AppGeyser though. It can be one of the issues you may not be comfortable with.


Blogger To Android App

This is yet another easy to use app maker to create your mobile app from your blogger blog. However, you would need to opt for a subscription plan if you want to monetize the app as you do with the blog.

Some of the unique features that the app maker offers you include are

  • The process involved is quite easy and straightforward to follow.
  • You can add multiple blogs to a single app.
  • You would be able to monetize the app with Admob, Amazon, and Facebook to name a few.
  • It lets you track the page views with the Google Analytics.

Free account does not let you monetize the app. You would be able to create only one app with the free account, though you can opt for subscription plans if you need to monetize the app. There is no app preview available. Another disadvantage is the lack of customization options.


Users who have opted for the AppMakr consider it to be one of the best and fresh options for creating an app from Blogger blog. In fact, the app maker tool has been one of its kind as it lets you create an app and connect with a host of networks like Facebook, YouTube, and other social media profiles.

Some of the excellent features that the app would offer you would include

  • The AppMakr lets you preview almost all the apps you created with the tool.
  • The app maker tool offers you the easiest and fastest method to create an app from your blogger blog.
  • You have practically unlimited customization options for your requirement.
  • You can create a host of free apps with a single account.

The app maker tool does not come with a tracker option. The default icons may not be smart enough. You can upload your icons if you so wish. Monetisation could be an issue because as you would need to pay a monthly charge. The app maker comes with an annual subscription charge.

How does the App affect your Blog?

An app made from the blogger blog is known to have a few adverse effects on your blog and its ranking. Well, it can affect your blog rankings considerably.

If your visitors tend to visit your blog through the mobile app, you may end up losing the backlinks. Accessing the blog through the app may not guarantee that the visitors provide you the backlinks. The app can also reduce your returning visitors. That could give wrong information to Google that your blog is not excellent and the visitors are not coming back to it. It can have detrimental effects on the indexing and ranking of your site.

Another drawback you may come across is the lack of comments and share option. Mobile apps generally do not come with an opportunity to share the content or comment directly. Even when they have, they may not be visible in an intuitive way as they do with the blog.

Most of the mobile app creators do not offer the functionality to track your visitors and pageviews. Thus, though you may have visitors to your blog through the mobile app and you are famous enough with your user base, Google will not be able to track those visitors. There are a few platforms that may allow you do it, but cannot assure an active tracking as in case of your blogger blog. Moreover, a mobile app would reduce the traffic you would have received through the mobile browsers.

The last, but not the least, your earning may be affected. There can either be a positive or negative impact. If your mobile app is monetized, you may be able to compensate the decrease in earnings. However, it would be practical to analyze the effects before taking up a final decision.

In Conclusion

Of course, creating an app from your blog can be much comfortable with the Android Studio. But, it would indeed be a time-consuming process. That is precisely why we have compiled the more accessible options for creating a mobile app from your blogger blog.

In fact, the option for RSS feed available on the Blogger platform would make it easy for the free app maker tools to help you create a mobile app with ease without the hassles. We assume that the tools we have compiled here should help you create a mobile app out of your Blogger blog.

Have you used any of these tools for creating an app from your blogger blog? If yes, do share your thoughts and experiences with us. Also, share your thoughts about any other tools you may have used for the purpose.