How to Manually Add Website Content URLs to Google & Bing Search?

You have launched a website and have been working overtime to make it successful. But, unless Google sees your site, you will stand no chance of getting it ranked. Of course, we agree that it takes time for Google or any other search engines to discover your content. How would you make search engines like Google to find your site and the content on it? Well, there is an option that would help you do it, and it involves opting to add website content URLs to Google manually. How would you do it? Let us check how you can do it in this post.

Add Website Content URLs to Google

Why Do You Need to Submit Your Page Manually to Google?

Well, experts suggest opting to submit your site and content to Google if you want it to index your website real quick.

Well, for any query, Google will list out several results. However, most of the times – people do not go beyond the first ten results. This would mean the entries beyond the top ten results tend to get substantially less traffic. Thus, in spite of being indexed for your content, you may end up getting low traffic and thereby may not be able to reap the benefits of your site to the specific ability that you would expect it to.

Google relies on its crawlers (or spiders) to discover new websites along with other measures. Ideally, Google crawlers look to the new links and then follow to check what these links lead to. If the crawlers find something important, they add it to the index. Backlinks do not necessarily need to be any <do-follow> links as such. The tweets with the links or Facebook shares can even work wonders for indexing your page.

Some reasons that would make it practical to submit your content manually are

  • Best Way to Be Safe – Though Google can find your site on its own, it can help you be on the safer side regarding indexing.
  • Google bots may not find Everything through Crawling – Submitting through console can help you opt for providing extra information that may not be available through crawling.
  • Improving your websiteThey also offer you options to promote your site. You would also be alerted of any problems or errors in your website.

How to Submit your site manually to Google?

Method 1 –

Here are the steps you would use in submitting your site manually –

  • Visit the Google Webmaster Tools. Log in with your Google account.
  • Enter your website address in the space provided and click on Add a Property.
  • You may need to wait till your property is verified.
  • Once verified, click on Crawl in the sidebar.
  • Go to
  • Click on Add/Test Sitemap
  • Enter your sitemap. Typically, the sitemap should read something like

That should make it. Your site has successfully been submitted.

Method 2 –

This should be practically one of the simplest ways to submit your website to Google. Follow the steps here below –

  • Go to Google Add URL service.
  • Directly input your site URL in the space provided. Ensure the proper use of website address in the appropriate format.
  • Confirm the Captcha
  • Click on Submit

That completes the task. You only need to wait for a couple of days. Your site will be indexed within a few days.

<Update> Starting August 2018, Google has discontinued this service. Google now have requested webmasters to use Method 1 instead.

Method 3 –

In this method, we will be making use of third party sites that would be helpful in submitting your website manually for indexing. A couple of services that would be practical enough are Submit Express and my Submitter.

However, we have found that the services are no longer working and they have been suggesting software conflicts. In any case, we would not recommend opting for the third party options. With the availability of best options right from Google, we do not think it would be practical to opt for any third party option.

Do We Suggest Opting for Manual Submission to Google?

Of course, we would suggest you opt for manual submission of your content to Google and other search engines. It should work best to let Google understand that your site exists.

Why would we suggest manual submission when the search engines can detect and index your sites without the need for any intervention from your end? Well, search engines have made the feature available, and that would ideally mean that the search engines want that to happen. In fact, search engines have implemented the feature intentionally. In fact, even Google suggests submitting your site to the search engine to ensure better indexing.

However, please note that submitting your site manually to Google or any other search engine will not index your site right away. It can take anywhere between two to four weeks to find your site indexed. So, we would advise you to wait till four weeks before resubmitting your request again.

In any case, do follow the necessary steps to work through enhancing the quality of your site by updating the content and performing the essential on page SEO techniques. In fact, that should be the only way you can make your website rank higher.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, submitting your site to Google can indeed help you get a better chance of getting your site indexed. However, just providing your site does not mean your site will be indexed. It is the tool that would help the search engine to know that you and your site has some unique information for the website crawlers.

We would also suggest you submit your site manually to other search engines like Bing and Google as well. This should go a long way in promoting the better indexing your website across multiple search engines and thereby support your site in a better manner.

Having said that, please note that just adding your site manually to Google or other search engines may not substantially improve your plans of monetizing your site. Do take care to get involved in those tasks that would enhance the performance of your website making it possible to monetize it in a better way.


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